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Color formatting in 7x workbook converted from 3x

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I converted some 3x queries and workbooks to 7x and am in the process of testing them. I have an issue with what the system is doing with formatting in the 7x workbook. Details are below.

In 3x, certain colors default in the executed workbook: blue on the lines, yellow for totals. Where there is data, there is color; all other lines are blank (without color).

This doesnu2019t happen when I convert an existing 3x workbook to 7x. Instead, the system doesnu2019t adjust the coloring on the lines if the report changes. For example: If the original 3x workbook was saved with 100 lines, and taking out a characteristic drill down shortened it to 5, I get 5 lines of data in color (which is correct) and 95 lines that are blank also in color (which is not correct). If a drilldown increases the lines to 150, I get 100 lines of data in color and 50 lines of data with no color formatting whatsoever.

How do I get the formatting of the 7x converted workbook to behave the same way as the original 3x workbook?

I hope there is a resolution for this and I donu2019t have to manually recreate all the workbooks in our system.

Thanks for your time and help.

Janice Madrid

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hope this helps?

When you open the workbook and click on any cell, you can go to the menu option Format -> Style. This will show you which style is applied to that cell(s). You can change this style and save the workbook. The style are named like "SAPBEX______".

More details on this blog. Check Banu's post for this -


Arun Bala

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Thank you for your quick reply. The links didn't resolve my issue but do provide some valuable information to different approaches for converting workbooks and changing the standard template that I will use.

Here's what ultimately resolved my issue:

1 Before converting, delete results area in 3x workbook:

1a Position cursor in results area

1b From BEx toolbar choose: Tool ->All Queries in Workbook -> Delete Results. The query will read u201CQuery Not Yet Calculatedu201D in results area.

2 Save the 3x workbook

3 Open the workbook in 7x.Analyzer.

4 Click icon for 7x Design Mode.

4a Right click on Analysis Grid and choose Properties.

4b On General Tab, click the box for Apply Formatting and choose OK.

4c Exit Design mode by clicking on Design Mode icon.

5 Save the 7x workbook.

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