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Codepage UTF-16 to UTF-8 problems

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Dear all,

we receive messages via IDOC. The user we are using for connection has codepage 4103 (UTF-16le) maintained.
This could unfortunately not simply be switched to 4110 (UTF-8).

One IDOC has as content a string which has next to whitspaces (HEX Code 20) also Non-breaking spaces (HEX Code A0).
In SAP PO this seems to be saved as UTF-8 which would be C2 A0 for Non-breaking space.
But in outputfile he seems to read it byte by byte and wrotes an  for the C2 byte.

Non-Breaking in Hex Code:

UTF 16: 00A0
UTF 8 : C2 A0
Output in file : C2 (Â)

How can I handle this that the output file does not contain  signs, but keeps this Non-breaking spaces?
Do I have to convert the incoming file? If so, do you have a best-practice (XSTL, Java, module,..)?



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Basically you will need use a standard SAP PI module adapter to do this conversion, you just insert the module below before or after the default module from your communication channel, if you would like convert after the message was processed by your adapter you will insert this module configuration after the default module adapter if you would convert before deliver the message to the receiver, you will insert before default module adapter.

It´s working for me every time what I need convert char encoding