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Code to enhance HR master data

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Does anyone has any sample code to enhance HR master data .. I need a sample that takes care of time slabs.

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I have done enhancement in HR Master data DS.

Whats you exact requirement.

As per my knowledge all the HR DS are full update

so for time dependency thing for current date you can check you calday should be between the start and end date which every HR or time dependent table should have.

for current information end date is 31.12.9999.

If you can tell your exact reuirement and which DS I can provide better solution.



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Hi Navneet,

I am extracting Headcount data for info cube 0PA_C01, which involves routines for key figures. I have installed indataflow before BI content, which are in 3.x version.

Can you please provide code for routines in BI 7.0 version for key figures in 0PA_C01 (Data sources 0HR_PA_0 and 0HR_PA_1)?



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Hi Venkatesh

I did convert that 3.x flow to Transformation.

Currently I do not have access to that system, I will be back on that project in few days then I can give you the exact code.

You can modify the code to use in TR.

Basically in UR it is making 2 calls to predeifned code (FM types) by passing fields from communication structure.

You need to create routine in TR and map say pernr and calday and copy the code from UR routine paste it there and change the parameters that are being passed from communication structure to that of source_fields.

Just do a little bit of tweak and you can modify the code from UR to be used in TR.

If you need the exact code I can give you but tht will take some time.



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Here is my requirement -

The user needs two columns in the actions transfer report - From position , To position, From Org unit , To orgunit.

If the employee gets transferred from one position to another teh four fields should be populated.

The challange is teh actions datasource would only get the new position / org unit. The old position / org would exist in one of the master data records for 0employee.

Would you know of the way to put this together..