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code for Bex reporting enhancement

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Hi to all,

i had a query in BEx reporting enhancement where i have to write the code .

could anyone explain in real time scenario,with example taking processing type as customer exit(if possible a code for enhancement) and what varaible type is preferrable ?

could anyone give some points how exactly the interaction between client and the bw consultant ? what are the tasks to be done for the client?

thanks in advance ...



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if you search in these forums you can find a lot of useful stuff about this topic...

about your question related to the interaction between client and the bw consultant...onestly I wouldn't kno where to begin !

What do you need in more detail? (your question is too generic)



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hi roberto,

I had an interview ,the interviewer asked me

1> what extract structure you done in Lo?

I replied mine is chemical industry so i have to extract the data from sales in SD :sales,deliver,billing .

2> what are the client scenarios you worked in sales overview?

i said i have done sales item and sales header data and schedule line data.

3> what are the cubes you worked in sales?

i said i worked on 0SD_c03 and ods is 0SD_o03

so regarding that what i have to fulfill the interviewer to satisfy his question?