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CMS down, unknown reason - not able to start up

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./ -display # gives the follwoing message..

Creating session manager...

Logging onto CMS...

err: Error: Couldn't logon to CMS

err: Error description: The system business1 can be contacted, but there is no Central Management Server running at port 6400.

I tried restarting the tomcat and the all the BO servers, but the cms is still down. How can I resolve this issue, or find out more about what is happening.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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well that error indicates that you have network connectivity with the server but no CMs was found on port 6400, could be running on a different port but more likely it didn't start. check event viewer for errors and verify in the CCM that the CMS is running and on port 6400.



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