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Cloud foundry in Global Account

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I have created Global Account - Subaccount and now I want to access Cloud Foundry Environment however CF env is not there. Im on a page SAP BTP Cockpit. Im following the course which shows SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit and there is CF env. Does it mean that Im in wrong cockpit where PCF env is not available? Support gave me the guide but even in that guide cockpit page is not the same as I have. It states there "In your SAP Cloud Platform global account, click your subaccount and then click Enable Cloud Foundry." But where is my subaccount? I dont see there subaccount.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If you have created the global account recently then you need to create a sub account first from the left panel then within sub account you can enable cloud foundry.


Akash Dev

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