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Cloud Connector with Error 425

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Hello Team!

I'm trying to create a new connection settings using cloud connector. 

  1. I did logon to access Cloud Connector trought URL as usual
  2. On the left panel, I selected "Cloud to on-premise"

Under Access Control tab, I click in add (+) in order to create a new connection configuration and then I receive the follow error box:

"425 An internal error occurred. See ''Log And Trace Files'' and in particular ljs_trace.log for details"  

(See attached file)

Checking log file I did not found nothing regarding this error and even doing a search about this specific error I did not have lucky.

Does any one know something about this error message, any tips?

Thanks in advance.

SAP Datasphere  Cloud Connector 

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Hi @rogerio_santos,

You may check Cloud Connector Issues - Guided Answers