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Close window from OnInputProcessing event

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Hi all.

I'd like to close a BSP page when clicking one button, instead of the browser close button, but I need to do some validations before. So I've thought to catch the button in OnInputProcessing event, make the validations and finally close the window.

I've tried with navigation->exit( '' ). but it keeps a blank page.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Luis,

You can set a flag in OnInputProcessing after your validations and in layout check this flag and call window,close.

<% if flag = 'X'  .%>
<s cript type='text/js'>
w i n d ow . c l o se ();
</s cript>
<% endif. %>

How to avoide the confirmation popup...

I am also looking forward to the solutions...



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Hi Anubhav.

It works fine, thank you.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I had the same problem. My solution is to navigate to a page that close the browser with JavaScript.

Create a new page, close_window.htm for example. In OnInput you navigate to this page after your validations. The new page close the browser with Javascript window.close()

Best regards


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Hello Renald.

Thank you for your support, although new page does not look so smart. Anyway, it would be possible to avoid the confirmation popup raised by the browser?