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Client Side Caching

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to enable the caching for a template on the client side in BW? I have read somewhere that we can use transaction code SICF or SMICM to set the expiration headers for the templates.

Thanks for all the help.



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Hi Kartheek,

I'm not sure from your question exactly which caching you have the question about.

- With regard to caching of mime objects locally in the client, please check SAP note 561792.

- SAP note 529241 discusses how set parameters in invalidate the stylesheet and Mime cache

- HTTP compression for BW Web applications was enabled by default with Web AS 6.20 kernel patch 251 (see SAP note 542576)

For additional Performance information see composite SAP note 567746.

If you are interested in BW Query caching, please see the know-how network call presentation on the topic.

I hope this helps,


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Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for the reply. The exact issue we are having is as follows. We are having certain templates which are having some charts and some big tables. These templates take a lot of time to load. We are looking if it is possible to cache the templates on the client browser.

Thanks for all your help.



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Hi karthik,

You can try to load these templates as soon as the data is refreshed in to infocube using process chain and Report agent using precalculation web templates.

By doing these the cache already has the data and when the template is called it would bring soon(tables and graph)