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Client Proxy and server proxy

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What are Client Proxy and server proxy?

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Hi Naveen,

Message Interfaces are the basis for Proxy generation.

Proxy will have the same attributes as message interface viz.,

1. Mode - Synchronous & Asynchronous,

2. Direction - Inbound & Outbound.

Client Proxies are called to send a message to an inbound interface. In other way, They are the counterparts to an outbound message interfaces in application systems.

Server Proxies are the counterparts to an inbound message interface in application systems.

Happy learning!


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A client proxy is one which sends data into XI i.e.the proxy makes a request to the integration server and gets back a response / or not [based on sync/async] attributes.

A server proxy is one which recieves a request from XI pipeline and does further processing , may or may not send back a response [again based on sync or async nature of the interface]



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Hi NaveenKumar,



A WSDL description from a UDDI server (or an Internet page) is usually used to make a service executable in the Internet and to describe the interface of this service. You require a client proxy and not a server proxy to call this service by using the Web service infrastructure.

<u><b>SERVER PROXY:</b></u>

You can only generate ABAP server proxies from a WSDL description if they originate in the Integration Repository.You can also generate server proxies for Java and client proxies for ABAP from message interfaces.

To Know more about Client and Server Proxy Please go through these links:

<a href="">Proxy Generation</a>

<a href="">Implementing a Server Proxy</a>

<a href="">Data Transfer Using SAP XI</a>



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Hi naveenkumar,

If u generate proxy for outbound interface then its client proxy and for inbound interface its server proxy.

In client proxy u can call the method to send messages but u can't modify it but in server proxy its possible to write a user code within the method to execute proxy.



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Hi naveen,

You can navigate throught this help link and get the details.

You can go thro this weblog for a scenario based on the proxies.


Hope this helps.



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Take a look at these blogs ...



They explain in detail about the Proxies.