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Client export/import problem/issue

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I've some problem with importing a client export from one system into another client on a different system. Give you an overview:

system 1 :


Client : 301

system 2 :


Client : 100

The deal is that client 100 on PCD should be exactly like client 301 on AID.

Meaning all the customizing data, master data and transaction data has to be exported. So the only profile that fit's our demand is SAP_EXPA. If this is not correct, let me know.

Export went well. Couple tables weren't exported due to the fact it belonged to a different client.

Imported it into client 100 on PCD, however a lot of tables weren't imported, not sure why (does anyone know why??). Runned SCC7 afterwards. Then found out that a lot of transactions doesn't exists on PCD 100. What went wrong or did I forget something.

Using SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7x110

Need more information, let me know!!!



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Answers (2)

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You can try SAP_ALL but caution it will overwrite the existing client independent objects , is this a development or QA machine ?

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The problem with all client copies is that the repository (ABAP programs, table structures, transaction codes etc) must be the same as it only copies the data within the tables. So the reason the transaction codes weren't there is because they are in the repository. You will need to transport them across.

I'm not sure about the profile - do you have a SAP_ALL profile?