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Client Copy from production to quality server

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I am doing client copy first time. I have screen shots given by basis person who had installed the SAP R3.

I think some screen shots after exporting the data from production client are missing in these screen shots.

The system landscape is like below

Production Server

Client 500

Development Server

Client 300 as Quality Server

Client 200 as Development Server

I want to copy production client 500 to my Quality client 300.

Steps I followed are

1. On Production server client 500

SCC8 on production client 500

Selected profile SAP_ALL

Target System DEV

Background Server SAPPRD_PRD_00

Two files created as PRDKT00015 and PRDKX00015

What should be the next step?

Kindly help?


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Hi Rajkumar

1st - how big is your Production Database? Client Copy may not work that great if the Prod Database is too big.

2nd - the 1st thing you will want to do is to do a User Master data export out of you QA system, to be imported back in after the client copy. SCC8 - Selected profile SAP_USER. You'll get an import number that you will need to re-import.


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Hi Ken ,

        We have 500 gb of data in production database which we have to copy in quality system please confirm

should we have to do the -remote client copy or

we have to do -client export import



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I would say go for client export/import. If you go for client export import, you can have the client data and free from using production system

You can as well go for remote client copy but the production system will start transferring the data to the quality.  Remote client copy needs a decent network interfaces between source and the target.

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Follow the following Steps....

1. This is remote Client Copy(for that scc9). One system to Another System.

2. Create a RFC in Quality Server Client 300.

(Put target System is Production Server and Mention Client Also)

And then check Connection. - It should be OK.

3.Now run SCC9 from Quality Client 300.


Selected Profile: SAP_ALL

Source destinat: Choose created RFC.

Then please Tick first TEST RUN.

If it goes Successfull then Go for Next.

        • At the time of Client Copy No Other user shuld be login.


Gokul Chandola

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Hii Raj,

here is the procedure for doing client copy using export/import method:

Client Export:

1. Run SCC8

2. Select Profile for desired copy type (Usually All [SAP_ALL] or user master only [SAP_USER]. You will need direction from the requester as to the correct selection here. Use Profile -> Display Profile to display profile details.)

3. Select target System (or group)

4. De- Select "Test Run" (If selected)

5. Run Export

- Up to 3 requests are created, depending on the data selected and available:

1. "SIDKO00353" for transporting client-independent data, if you have selected this

2. "SIDKT00353" for transporting client-specific data

3. "SIDKX00353" for transporting client-specific texts, provided texts are available in this client

6.Monitor TP logs for errors and export files for growth

Client Import:

1. Create client (scc4)

2. Login to client (sap* - pass)

3. Manually add "O" transport then "X" then "T" to TMS buffer

4. Highlight #1 and use "Request -> Import" to launch import tool

5. Monitor "I" file in OS "/usr/sap/trans/tmp" dir for progress info

6. After Import is complete perform "post processing steps" from client tool (SCC7)

So if you have 3 transport requests and the data has been exported successfully then go for an import in quality system

Let me know of any issues