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Client 001?

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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me the significance of client 001?

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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Just to add on -

The 001 client is created as a practice client or a reference client during the initial installation of a system. Apart from this, it is no different to other clients. Therefore, it is dealt with in the same way as every other customer client.

Also refer to OSS 552711 & 550894 for further details.


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Hi Aditi,

Just to correct your reply 001 is a copy of client 000 and not 100.

Hope you have mistyped it.



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Thank you for correcting me , I mistyped.

Correct : 001 is copy of 000.



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001 client is a copy of client 100 and can be used as production or any other client but on the real world not many people will use 001 for any thing.



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That depends on your system landscape ... in general client 001 might be the default choice for companies to use as productive client ... but other than that ...

What do you mean by significance?

If this really is your question then you should ask your system administrator.