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Cleasing repository creation issue

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I am trying to create a cleasing repository for which i performed following steps:

1.Created a database dq_repo in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

2.Created a Local repository using the dq_repo database.

3.Then i tried to install cleasing package on this repository(dq_repo) by selecting Cleansing Package in BODS

Repository Manager.

4.When i hit on the Create button, it gives me an error that 'Cleansing repository does not exist'.

5.So, i go to the BODS Designer and give the dq_repo details in Dictionary->Manage Connections.

6.I tried to create the cleansing package now, so it gives me and error that *'Cleansing package does not contain any

dictionaries'.But , when i checked at the path "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data

Services\DataQuality\datacleanse",i see that dictionaries are present.

Now my questions are:

1.Whether i am taking the right approach to create the cleasing repository?

2.If yes, where am i going wrong in my above mentioned steps?


1. Enviornment:

a.Windows XP

b.Database- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

c.SAP BODS 3.12 with cleasing patch installed.

2.BODS services are on.

Please help me on this problem.

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With DS 3.X, the Cleansing Package installer must be run first which lays down the pieces that are used within the Repository Manager when you select Cleansing Package as the repository type. If this has not be run, you won't be able to use Repo Manager to set this up.

Also, in Designer, you are not able to connect to a Cleansing Package using Manage Connection, until the Repo Manager part has been completed.

To tell if this installer has been run, look to LINK_DIR\DataQuality\datacleanse to see if there are any PERSON_FIRM_*.zip files there. If not, you know it has not been run. If there are, the next step is to create a database to hold the cleansing package and then use Repository Manager to seed it.



FYI...if you are really using 3.1X, that is not supported any longer and you should upgrade. The latest version of DS is 4.0 and has changed significantly since 3.X for the CP installer as well as having the requirement of installing BIP/IPS. Please see upgrade guide for information on this.