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Cleared items extractor

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how is it possible to extract cleared items using real delta extraction ?

Now (using job container and events 1906) we extract at the end of the day the items cleared during the day. But sometimes, items are cleared in the past and are not extracted.

If we extract items using extraction interval items are extracted every times and the need to make complete load in BW. And for using these way we don't know how to use events 1906 to plan correctly the extractor (first time its ok and then the extractor add one day at the 'to date' from interval).

Have you any idea how can we do ?



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There are two ways you can try..

1. is you write a bit of code at the start of routine in order to identify the cleared

items on that particular day for ex. make a constant variable of that day

and check against this date and exclude all other remaining records from


2. you can also build this logic at the extractor level

Note : This logic should only be applied only the past / historical may

not be suitable for the current / delta records.