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Clear sybase database logs under D:\sybase\BWP\ASE-15_0\install

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Hi gurus,

I'm having a situation where the sybase logs under "D:\sybase\BWP\ASE-15_0\install" were increasing rapidly. Can i just delete the file and will sybase create a new BWP.log again? Please advice.

Thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use sp_errorlog to cause ASE to start logging to a new file, then archive or delete the original file.

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Thank you, Bret. Issue resolved!

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I need to clear the data of sybase log, please suggest the exactly command to proceed. Thank you.

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I recommend you ask a new question and provide details of your environment (eg, output from select @@version, details of what 'log' you're trying to clear, etc).

In particular, it's not clear (to me) if you're referring to the OS-level errorlog file (ie, what Bret's talking about) or if you're referring to the transaction log for one of your databases.

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