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Clarification in Infocube's content

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Hello experts,

I have deleted all contents of my basic cube by deleting all requests. I have confirmed that deletion was succesful but when I checked the F-fact table I've found out that its enties have not deleted. Is this possible?(I thought deletion of all contents also means deletion of all entries in F table.) If not, please tell me what possible reason for this error.

Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Edson,

Not sure this helps.. but still, Let me share my view..

1) It looks like you have many requests in the cube and the display may be set to view only this month requests and you have deleted the requests by selecting one by one.. So can you check the display month on the bottom of the manage option and keep changing it to very old date??

Also you can use right click->delete data option to remove fact and dim table data completely.. Please ignore this reply if you had tried this earlier..

By the by Welcome to Forum.. Even though above is not the reason, I am sure you will get a good answer in this nice forum..

All the best!!



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Hi Hari,

Thanks for prompt reply. I created this cube just 2 weeks ago and I'm sure that it displays all the requests.

Anyway, I was able to delete the data in the fact and dim table by following your suggestion. Now, I just wondering why and how it did happen. I am new in BW and maybe I just needs some time exploring AWB to clear some doubts.

I really glad for having your help guys in this very nice forum.

Thank you very much. You certainly deserve some stars for this.