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CKIS and KEKO Data Sources

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Hi Gurus,

We are working on bringing three tables from R/3. We have created a view on top of two tables (CKIS and CKHS) that is ZCKIS (detail). The other table we are bringing in is ZKEKO (header).

We brought these two tables into two separate cubes in BW. And created a Multi provider on top of that.

When these two tables are executed in R/3 they display the only the raw materials and semi finished goods under a particular Finished goods. How the relation works is the finished goods, semi finished goods and raw materials are in a single field MATNR. So in KEKO they show finished goods. In CKIS they show semi finished goods and raw materials. They Cost Estimate number is like a connection between these two tables.

When we bring all this value in BW it shows all the levels in both the component field and material field because both are pointing to MATNR in the Transfer rules. So using this Cost Estimate number is it possible to create an update or transfer routine so that the finished goods would just pick only the raw materials and semis used in producing that particular raw material. Can anything be done on the Bex reporting side.

IF somebody has experienced the same issue or if you guys have dealt with Product Costing please let us know if there is any other solution for this problem.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks Eugene,

I have these fields in the tables. But it doesn't have any Info Objects in BW to match them. I'll create a few Info Objects and try matching them and see what data it brings in.



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Hi Sandhya,

I think you need to bring into BW additional fields that contain relationships between materials.

I've made a brief look at the tables structure and seen that:

CKIS tables has such fields like

- HKMAT - material-related origin

- SPOSN - BOM item number

KEKO has


- KZROH - Material component

So, I don't know if these fields are those you need. It's just an example. Try to locate such fields with relationships and pay attention to bill of materials BOM.

It's just an idea to start with.

Best regards,