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CJ20N / User fields PS

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via customing (transaction OPS1) we created a new tab in the project builder (CJ20N) with some new (text) fields. This is working just fine. Another requirement is to add a F4 help to these fields. The F4 is displayed which is the standard way after defining these fields. But when pressing F4 a searchhelp / domain, or whatever should be displayed in which the user can select an entry. My question would be, is this possible an if so how to do this?

We're interested in field USR00 of table PRPS. For this field an F4-help must be defined and called.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Adding search help for field USR00 directly in table PRPS will be modification...

But probably when you added new tab to transaction CJ20N you also added your subscreen. You can try to use:


FIELD <f> MODULE <mod>.


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Hi Micky,

There is a BAdI user exit definition WBS_USER_FIELDS_F4 for this. Please implement that to a ZWBS_USER_FIELDS_F4 (Tx SE19).

In the implemented class, in the method at_f4, add your code passing the field name (USR00). The code should prompt for the user input and return the selected value as the exporting parameter. For F4 prompting, you can use a custom screen or some standard pop-up such as with function module POPUP_WITH_TABLE_DISPLAY.

This logic is called in function group CJWB, screen 1460, in program LCJWBF56. You can test with a break point here.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Banu,

I was searching some help on CJ20N and I found you giving some valuable answers..So,plz help me in solving this issue.

This is an Urgent Issue!!!!

I have a requirement to upload the data .Initially they have created project definition and wbselement with the help of some data transfer technique later on they have added custome fields to this transaction.

Now for the existing project and wbs element they want to update the values for the new custom fields .

So can you suggest me how to approach this problem as this is my first requirement in PS.

Points will be rewarded....

Awaiting for your reply..


Ravi Ganji

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Hi, i want to do the instructions that you give for the WBS_USER_FIELDS_F4, but i dont known how to do that, if you can explain me the procedure in a detail way.

I have a requirement, i´m beginner in abap.


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