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cim and cr content in sap

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Dear Experts,

what is cim and cr content in sap solution manager ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prashant,

the SLD holds the product information in details, which where necessary for different applications - we call it Software Catalog (CIM Modell, SAP CR Content) - PPMS:

Product & Production Management System (PPMS) is the SAP-internal central master data repository for technical information on SAP software components and software products.

see further
1811708 - What is PPMS?

some "client applicactions" which use the master data information:
  • Maintenance Planner,
  • Landscape virtualization Management (LVM - old) - Landscape Management (LaMa - new)
  • Landscape Management Database (LMDB)
  • Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager (FRUN)
  • Software Lifecycle Management,
  • Process Integration (PI),
  • NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)

this is the main reason to hold the contents very actual - because of big changes in the SAP Product & Software Catalog - I would recommend to update the solman SLD 4x per year.
1453023 - Missing CR content in SLD prevents product registration

BR Thomas

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Hello tommy_sta,
nice Explanation, thanks
Best Regards Roland

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Prashant,

Please check below


SAP Solution Manager needs information about all managed systems, the SAP CIM model, and software descriptions from the SAP software catalog (SAP CR content).

Conventionally, the system landscape directory (SLD) provides the LMDB with the latest data from the data suppliers, which are installed in the technical systems. Also by synchronization, the SLD sends updates for SAP CR content and CIM model to the LMDB


You can get more details at below