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CIG transaction tracker handling

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Since 2024 we are sending documents via Ariba CIG which means we had some time to get familiar with Transaction Tracker, especially for error handling. This question might be related to missing experience but we checked all available CIG documentation and did not find proper answers.

As per our impression, CIG transaction tracker seems to be foreseen for "manual" handling or the handling of a lower number of documents. Please find our biggest concerns below:

1. It doesn't seem to be possible to be actively informed about errors (e.g. in case of failed status) and to set up any scheduled reports
-> That means it seems to be necessary to login to CIG on a regular basis and manually search for documents or download the list in excel

2. If you download a list of documents, the error message in case of failed status is not part of the list at all
-> You can only see document errors by using mouseover function for each document. This highly increases the analysis effort

3. It is not possible to do any kind of clearing in CIG (delete / obsolete failed documents)
-> That means it is impossible to keep track of which documents have been already cleaned up and which still require attention

4. Maximum document number to be downloaded in excel is 5000
-> currently we exchange already more than 5000 documents per day. As we just have migrated 25% of our suppliers to CIG, this number will extremely grow. We can't download a list several times a day to track documents. 


We would appreciate to receive any feedback / best practices about how other Partners are dealing with CIG transaction tracker, especially those with higher document count. Do you see any solution for the issues described above? 

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Hello Klugs. Interesting post and I agree 200% with most of your comments. In my company, we are also dealing with a huge amount of transactional document flowing in CIG (100 000+ /month) and have the same pain points. Unfortunately and as far as I know, there is no technical solution to what you explained. We need a person to connect to CIG on a regular basis which is very costly.... Did you try to create a Customer influence about this in SAP web site ? Or to escalate this to your SAP ARIBA/SBN account manager (CSC) ?
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Today we have created an Improvement Request via Ariba Connect:

Request ID 321282
Title "Improve CIG Transaction Tracker handling"
Category "SAP integration Suite, managed gateway"

Everybody with similar issues please feel free to vote for it.