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CIDX ShipNotice to IDOC DESADV.DELVRY03 mapping

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SAP BP CIDX 1.0 delivers standard mapping between ShipNotice (CIDX msg) and SAP IDOC Interface DESADV.DELVR03 (inbound to SAP, used for shipment notification against which GI occurs then in SAP).

In my OTC scenario it means Delivery Confirmation happens currently via Phone call. After this call manually in SAP they update Delivery Outbound document and do GI posting.

Can I use DESADV for updating Delivery Document?

I believe SHPCON message is used for updating Delivery documents.

As far as I know DESADV and SHPCON use the same structures of DELVRY03 IDoc only the msg type from IDOC adapter is set differently. I would not like to use SHPCON since I’ve standard mapping for DESADV.

Of course I could manuall define mapping template for SHPCON.DELVRY03 based on standard mapping to DESADV.DELVRY03. But before going for this just wanna know if I could use straigh away standard mapping to DESADV.DELVRY03.

Any advice welcome?




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A message type is an implementation using an IDoc type. for instance ORDRSP, and ORDCHG message types all are based on the ORDERS05 IDoc type. In other words, the layout of the possible segments and fields are the same in all of these. so in ur implementation u wud not have any issues in using DESADV.DELVR03