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CI+DB@vmware_server1 vs CI@vmware_server1+DB@vmware_server2

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Hello Friends,

We are having an ECC system running with 8 application servers (linux@vmware) and CI+DB on physical server (oracle+linux@hp). It is an intensive system with 5000 concurrent users.

We are planning to move the CI+DB to vmware and we would like to get your opinion, based on you experience and knowledge, whether to isolate the DB from the CI (DB standalone using two diffrent servers) or maybe leave both together CI+DB same as it is today on one single server.

We are most concern of performance!!!

I appreciate your time and inputs on this or any document which clearly explains pros & cons of both.



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Hi Monti.

I give credit to Yves. Migrating the system to VMware should not slow down the SAP and DB.
For simplicity and because of the point mentioned by Yves, I would leave CI+DB o the same host (no need for SAPXPG destination and standalone Gateway Server,etc.)

But here is some concern from Oracle point of view. Oracle do not support any of its products in VMware environment, this means if you encounter up to now, unknown issues (mostly connected tomemory isues), you have may not get a solution directly to VMware. And so you should contact VMware support to get the issue resolved.



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Moving to VMware should not have a major impact on DB performance... if both hardware & VMware server are well configured.

With such an heavily used production environment some performance testing should be performed on the virtualized environment before migrating.

What Are the Best Oracle Database Load Testing Tools?

Impact of splitting DB & CI will depend on the usage you have of your CI.

Is it more a Primary AS (with user & batch activity) or a light weight CI (with only central services) ?

When the DB is moved away from CI host that instance will not connect anymore to the DB through IPC (shared memory) but through SQL*Net connection that is slower.

For this reason it can happens that some heavy batch are defined to run on the instance that is on the same host as the DB.

This could also have an impact on the update process that is running on the CI and could have an intensive DB activity, thus might impacted by switching from IPC to SQL*Net.

Best regards