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Choosing a Context when running a Query

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I have 4 Facts Tables my Universe A, B, C & D, thus have 4 context paths

A, B, C and fact tables and share common dimensions within them. D is a view which I created which takes the value from the A & B Fact tables .

I ran a query which takes all values from D and it works fine, however when I run a query taking all values from either A or B, it asks me to choose the context. The best part is that the context which query is based out of is not selected.

Question) How do I ensure that I do not get this message every time, as the intent is that all the data for all the filters will be dumped into Excel via QAAWS for the Xcelsius dashboard.

Please advice.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Patil,

You should only be promted for a context if your query spans the fact tables A and B. If your query spans only fact table A, then no prompt should be there or in the case with only B.

I suspect that the contexts are in fact not set correctly. Check the contexts from the common dimension tabel to the fact table and ensure they are defined correctly. Then you could futher check the objects of the dimension table and fact table so see if you have not selected a table (i.e when you force to use a table in a query) in these objects that are part of another context.

hope this helps


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I have a star schema, ie 5 FACT tables and 7 dimension tables, All fact tables share the same dimension tables, some FACT tables share 3 dimesnsions, while other share 5 dimensions.

I did adopt the best practices, and as recommended in the book, I tried to resolve them using Context, as it is the recommended option to Alias in a star schema setting. The contexts are resolved, but I still have loops. I also cleared the Multiple SQL Statement for each context option, but no luck. I need to get this resoved ASAP,

I checked all the context and they look fine, however when I again go to detect context it asks me to add the context which is already present. It give me an option to overwrite? Besides, I also get some Alias options. However I was told and it was mentioned in the book that Alias is not a good option to resolve loops but context is when you have a STAR SCHEMA.

Please suggest idea.


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When you define a context you need to add all joins that will participate to the context even if they are not implied in the loop.

If you find again loops after having created contexts, it means that you have not solved the loop resolution and that your contexts are not well defined or that you have missed at least one context.


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