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Child jobs control

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I have a job chain with two steps. The first one launches another job (RV60SBAT abap) and the second one should start after finish the job is launched by RV60SBAT. How can I control, with SAP CPS, the start of the second step? An event at the end of the first step is not valid since it only means that the son job is launched but not finished.



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Hi All,

<b>As mentioned by Anton</b>, using XBP 2.0 interface in SAP system it is possible to track parent child relationship. If XBP 2.0 interface is not available in your system, some transports are provided by CPS (Redwood). After applying these transports and activating parent child relationship in SAP (run ABAP INITXBP2 to verify and/or enable) it should take care automatically to wait for child jobs to finish before moving to next step.

Best Regards,


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Just to make sure: the additional CPS transports are to enable <b>interception</b> if you do not yet have XBP2.0. The transports are not used for <b>parent-child</b> relations.

For parent-child relations you do need XBP2.0 (which you have if you have the ABAP INITXBP2).<BR><BR>


Anton Goselink.

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Hello Antonio,

If you defined a chain in CPS with the RV60SBAT in step 1 and another job in step 2, then step 2 is only started when step 1 is completed (including the childs that step 1 might create).



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Hello Ed,

No it is not working and the reason is because RV60SBAT is a job generator in abap. The job generated by RV60SBAT is not in the chain. So I get a completion code when RV60SBAT is finished but that does not mean that the job created by RV60SBAT is already ended.



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Hi all,

If you have parent-child relations activated in SAP (run ABAP INITXBP2 to verify and/or enable this) then SAP CPS will automatically wait for any child job generated by a parent job.

So even if the RV60SBAT job is finished in SAP, CPS will wait for the jobs generated by this ABAP to finish, before finishing the RV60SBAT job in CPS.

This way, the second step will start only if the previous RV60SBAT and all its childs are finished.

So the only thing you need to do/verify is if parent-child relations is enabled in the SAP system where you run RV60SBAT, via the ABAP INITXBP2.


Anton Goselink