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Checking whether a resource exists within collection

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Hi All,

I'd like to check whether a Resource with a certain name exists within a Collection.

I can do this by using a IResourceList and a IResourceListIterator but does anyone know a more direct way to do this check??

I will be gratefull!

Kind regards,


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Hi Maarten,

you are able to check the existence of a Resource with the ResourceFactory. ResourceFactory.getInstance().checkExistence(RID, IResourceContext).

This method return true in case of a Resource with the given RID already exists.



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As Michal said, you can do that using checkExistence(). On the other hand, almost every case where I have seen it used was an instance of bad programming, so I really have to ask: "why do you think you need checking at all"?

For instance:

- for accessing a resource, don't check existence, but just do getResource and properly handle null response,

- when overwriting a resource, just rely on the frameworks overwrite and exception handling.

And so on...