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checking filed data in structure

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Hi all,

I have been a structure name in which some of the fields i need to pull out and mapthem. but i need to check whether the data is available in those fields or not for the HR. can any one tell me how to check data in a structure.


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hi John,

welcome to SDN...

you can logon to r/3 and transaction RSA3,

type in the datasource name,

and execute, after 'display'

hope this helps.

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Dear A.H.P,

I am new to this, where do i check the datasource for the field. would you mind telling me. when i double click on the field it is taking me to display data elemnt page. but i dont see any datasource here.


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Hi John,

One way that can be used is to display the where used list of that field and see if it come up in any Table (as a Table field). You can then check if it has any data...sometimes this is not very straight forward and you may need to go through some trial and error. Or you can also do a where used for the structure and see if it is a part of any program or funtion module. They try executing these and see if you get results.

Hope this helps...

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is it table or structure ? try transaction SE16.

i think you haven't transfer the datasource yet.

what data of HR are you going to check ?

go through this link and you may need to transfer datasource first with rsa5,

check for

Human Capital Management

Cross-Application Time Sheet

Time Management - Time and Labor

Personnel Development - Qualifications

Travel Management - Travel Expenses

and provide your email, i will send you BW HR doc

to know which datasource, you may go to and choose 'search documentation' and option 'netweaver' and type in the structure name.

hope this helps.

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