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Checkbox size and performance changes after applying NW04 SP22

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On a NW04 system we recently went from SP19 to SP22. We noticed that the size of a checkbox has changed in the new release. It is much smaller than it used to be. Also the performance of selecting the checkbox has dropped.

We have a checkbox in a table (which is in a scroll container). There is no event linked to the checkbox and the table is set to compatibility mode nw04Plus (to speed up performance when a checkbox is selected). If there are approx. 20 table entries it can take up to 7 seconds from when you click on the checkbox to when the tick appears. Choosing a new Lead Selection in the table is actually quicker than marking a checkbox.

The fact that the checkbox size has changed indicates to me that something has changed with regards to checkboxes in SP22 and I wonder if anyone else has experienced any changes ?

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I think the performace problem is portal related not checkbox related but the size of the checkbox has changed on all three of our servers that were patched. No other problems so far so I don't think it can be a deployment problem.

Although interestingly enough, the size of the checkbox changed on the three servers running on AIX but not on my local engine which is running in Windows with MaxDB even though it is also patched to SP22. It makes development difficult as what I see on my local machine is not what it looks like after it is checkin to the JDI.

So maybe you are right - a bug on that only affects certain platforms ? Maybe I will raise a SAP call.

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Sounds more like a deployment problem or just a bug.