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Check with your system administrator if error occurs again. (TSK-10072) (TSK-10008)

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We have upgraded to SAP 4.2 SP14 (latest patch) and i was trying to perform a column profiling on a .xlsx file in Information Steward with 60k records and out of 232 columns , I chose only 30-40 columns for profiling and got internal error - IDS_ERROR_DS_ENGINE_HANG.

Database is MS SQL Server 2016

SAP DS/IS 4.2 SP14

Also, please what should be the ideal config and settings on the server for the following:-



Which timeout setting and where it should be increased ?

Any other config settings on DSConfig.txt that should be tweaked.

Any pointers on logging level?

This is a Sandbox server and so, clearly not capable enough to handle even 2 executions before it hangs and crashes.

The infrastructure team have suggested that they will increase the RAM and PCache but i am not sure if that will be enough.

Please help.



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dirk.venken - Please help.

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where do we change DSEngine.timeout value?

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