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Chart doesn't get displayed

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Hi All,

I am trying to display different views for a chart using query view selection web item. I have two <b>query view selection </b>web items (say Q1 and Q2) assigned to two charts (C1 and C2) (Q1 is assigned to C1 and Q2 is assigned to C2) and these web itmes are placed in two different web templates (T1 and T2). These two template are then placed in a parent template (T) (using <b>Template Name Selection </b>Web Item). when i execute template(T), chart1 (C1) and Q1 are working fine even when i change the views but chart2 (C2) which gets displayed initially (immediatley after executing) does not display the chart when i select a different view in Q2. It just shows a cross symbol.

Has anyone had this kind of problem please respond. I would really appreciate if any one can answer.

Thank you all in advance.


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Check if your IGS has been upgraded to latest version, this might be problem with IGS..



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Hi Manga,

I don't think its an IGS problem if the check the status free navigation property in the web template generic properties the problem is solved but i don't want to check that property as i am using TABs and with that property being checked the content in the other TABs are not displayed.



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a couple of questions...

Q1 and Q2 are assigned to V1 and V2 respectively .. and Q1 and Q2 reside inside Q.

( excuse if the labelling is wrong .. could not go back to your first post...)

Now when you view the web template..Q1 displays fine and Q2 also displays fine , but when you "change the view for Q2" the chart(Q2) dissapears and you see an X in place of the chart.

What does this "change view" mean...?

Things you can do :

1. change the timeouts of web sessions

2. clear the HPPT cache ( SMICM -->goto->clear global cache)

3. Do an iemon trace on the template and find out if there is any refresh because of which the chart is not getting diaplayed

4. Compare the two URLs - before you "Change the View" and after you "Change the view"

5. Check if any services are not yet activated (SICF )

hope it helps..


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