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chart: display dates vertically on X axis

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We are doing a chart with the web application designer.

The chart type is columns.

Quantities are on the Y axis and dates are on the X axis.

How can we have the dates displayed on the X axis vertically instead of horizontally ?

Because it is not very readable: each column is not wide enough to display the date on one line.

We get something like this:





Thanks for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please try this.

Goto Edit chart options in Web application designer.then double click on the X-axis or you can left click on the

X-axis and goto "Format Axis" option.

There, the last Tab is alignment.You set the alignment to vertical display.

so for your example the date will be displayed 02.03.2006 but vertically, which is readable too.

Hope it helps,



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Sorry but I can not find the option you are talking about.

The server is BW35.

I right click on the chart in the web application designer.

then I select "Edit Chart".

I go to "Step 5 out of 6 - Axis properties"

On the "Category Axis", I have the following options:

"Visibility, Position, Order, Axis Type, grid Lines, Text Wrapping".

but I can not find the "Format Axis" option.

Thanks for the help...almost there I guess. What else am I missing ?

Best Regards, Damien.

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I was able to reach the option.

I was in the Wizard mode for the chart designer.

That's why I was not getting the option.

I switched to the chart designer mode and I got the option.

I will give you max reward points.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Damien

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