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Charm--Transport Request Import Issue

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I facing one issue.

I am using solman 7.0 SP15,When i am importing request in QAS from solman it is not poping for transport request number that i want to import.Its importing all transport requests of that particular project.

Please suggest how can I import transport requests in QAS by request numbers.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shivam,

for normal correction

the release of transport is managed by solman but not the import

when you ask to test your transport you get the pop-up for the release (not for the import)

the import in QAS is usually performed by automatic job

for correction

release and import are managed by solman

the import in QAS happens when you select the action "Test transort"

this is thus depending on the kind of correction you have

best regards Xavier

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Hi Xavier,

In my process, the analist from the support message can import the request directly to the Quality Environment, so I copy the action "TO_BE_TESTED" from SDHF_ACTIONS to SDMI_ACTIONS. This action from "SDHF" release and import automatically the Request to Quality environment but, the copy on SDMI_ACTION the request was not imported.

Would you know why the request was not imported?

Best Regards,


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