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ChaRM configuration issue for 2 Clients...

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Dear Friends,

I have configured ChaRM in Solution Manager 7.0 EhP1 system. It is working fine without any issues. But now I came across a new requirement and finding trouble in configuring the required scenario.

Currently there is only single client in DEV, QA and PRD system for which ChaRM is configured. Now, I want to configure the ChaRM for 2 clients in each system.

For example,

<ZCHARM_1> -- SOL:001 -- > DEV : 100 --> QAS : 200 --> PRD1 : 300

<ZCHARM_2> -- SOL:001 -- > DEV : 500 --> QAS : 600 --> PRD2 : 700

(Please note, ZCHARM_X is a project and SOL-001 is a Solution Manager ChaRM client).

First up all, I would like to understand, is it possible? is it supported by SAP ?

If yes, how can we configure client specific route for SAP standard transport layer (SAP)? What are the other concerns in using above system landscape in ChaRM?

Please note, we do not want to use separate hardware for either DEV or QA system.

Please can someone guide in this case?

Rajesh Narkhede

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajesh,

Please see point 1 of the SDN blog

Change Request Management scenario: Usual questions and known errors


In this point you will see how to generate transport track for the Ztransport layers of each dev client, you can configure only one consolidation route using the SAP transport layer, so you need that charm uses the Ztransport layers of your two dev clients.

As the production system target is having different clients this is supported by SAP as this is not considered as a merge transport routes (same final targer client:system).

Hope this helps,


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Dear All,

Sorry to delay in updating the thread as I was busy in configuring automatic email notification in ChaRM.

I had already gone through the blogs you mentioned...

I have successfully created 2 ChaRM project for 2 different client layer (DEV, QA and PRD).

I have used Transport Group for standard transport layer SAP.

Meanwhile, we consulted with SAP to confirm that this configuration is supported by SAP.

This solved my problem...

Thanks for your support...


Rajesh Narkhede

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I am not aware if you have searched on this issue, but You may want to take a look at this thread.

This configuration should work fine, because in essence, its a 3 system landscape, so there should not be major issues on the way.

From the TMS Standpoint you need to define a transport layer for each development client.

You can create a single project with the logical components or you can create multiple projects with each set of systems. Remember to do the TMS configuration right and you should be set.


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