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ChaRM after upgradation of solman 7.0 to 7.1

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what about the change requests/transports which are in mianteneance cycle ( either at test phase etc) after the configuration of ChaRM in solman 7.1.

What will be their status and how will be carried to production???

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Hi Sidra,

WIthin 7.1 you now have different transaction types. This allows you to close your existing maintenance cycle. Old transaction types (SDMJ, SDHF etc) will still work in 7.1., but they will not have the new functionality associated to them.

It is important to note that new functions in 7.1 are only available in the SAP CRM WebClient with the new transaction types. Therefore you can use SAP GUI or SAP Workcenter to close your old transaction types after the upgrade process, and you do not need to close all maintenance cycles before the upgrade.

My stong advice is to make sure you have a cut-over plan, and a system that you can test the plan in before you upgrade your Productive Solution Manager landscape.

Good luck,

Rich Labib