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Characteristic [x]: Number range object [#] also used by characteristc [Y]

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I am doing the following

RSD1 -> Click "Repair InfoObjects" -> Clicking "Object Selection" -> Adding in checkmarks for the following:

Check generated Objects

Activate incon. Infoobjects

Deletion of DDIC/DB Objects

Clicking execute to close the dialog

Selecting the executie Repair radio button

Clicking execute to run the repair.

I let the repair run (and in fact ran it a couple more times as well) All of the errors are gone but I have several warnings that still remain. They are all of the type

Characteristic [characteristic-1]: Number range object [number] also used by characteristic [characteristic-2]

For example:

Characteristic 0AA_ACCDET: Number range object 0000002 also used by characteristic 0PPM_VDE

Characteristic 0AA_INVIND: Number range object 0000003 also used by characteristic 0PPM_VPR

Characteristic 0ABCINDIC: Number range object 0000004 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_CHA

Characteristic 0ABCPROCESS: Number range object 0000006 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_CRUSR

Characteristic 0ABC_CLASS: Number range object 0000007 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_CUSER

Characteristic 0ACCNT_GRP: Number range object 0000009 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_HI

Characteristic 0ACCNT_GRPV: Number range object 0000010 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_LOCK

Characteristic 0ACCOUNT: Number range object 0000011 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_LOW

Characteristic 0ACCT_TYPE: Number range object 0000012 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_OPT

Characteristic 0ACN_BRAND: Number range object 0000013 also used by characteristic 0RSPL_ORG

What are the detailed step to resolve this problem.


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Hi Paul,

Thank you for this post. I am applying ESS components using SUM and hit an error



4 ER7000 "Check for DDic Consistency of BW Objects" " " " " " "

4 ER7000 "InfoObjects Check" " " " " " "

4 ER7000 "Activate all Dictionary objects ( 82 ):" " " " " " "

4 ER7854 All DDIC objects have been activated / deleted

2EER7000 "InfoObject 0RSPL_ORG is not" "consistent - activate it" " " " "

RSD1 -> specified 0RSPL_ORG in the info object --> Repair InfoObjects --> Execute Repair

and my issue was resolved.

Thank you.

Jose Junio