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Characteristic with 0 value displays as # - need 0 to display

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In BEx, I have a characteristic
0SRVCLEN - NUMC,  Len 03
on the report that is displaying as # when it is really a 0.

Note: I said this is a characteristic, not a Key Figure

This makes the output look like this


when what the user needs is


I know for a fact that the characterisic has a zero in it because I went into the transformation and hard coded the value in a routine to be something obvious (like 77) and it showed up in the query.  I then updated the routine to load a 0 instead of 77 but the query shows #, not 0.

In case it helps any: When I do a display data on the cube, it shows as a blank, not a 0 (which I assume to just be a display setting because I KNOW it is a 0 since I hard coded it).

How can I get the 0 that is in the data to actually show as a 0 in the BEx output (and remember, this is a characteristic, not a Key Figure)?


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When I tried to load '006', only 6 came through so the leading zeros are being removed.  (So loading '000' results in # in BEx).

Is there a way to get the 0 to stay?

(Reminder: This is a Characteristic, not a KF.  The Characteristic is defined as NUMC, length 3 and there is no conversion routine assigned.)

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Hi Paul  ...

As of now I can think of 3 options ..not connected to system, so could not check.

1. Change the type to CHAR ( 3) if possible and test result.

2. Use CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT in "Routine" and see if it is able to store zeroes.

Third and the last option which I think would definitely work.

Maintain Text for Blank ( which you see as #) as 0 and in BEx designer choose "Text" instead of Key. You do not need to maintain text for other values because if text is not available BEx would automatically show "Key" irrespective of the settings in BEx.

Please post test results.

Warm Regards