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Characteristic 0BUS_AREA: Cannot switch off InfoProvider property

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Hi All,

We moved 80% developments from sand box to Development and made some changes in Development.

Now we disconnected the connection b/w Sand Box and Development.

My Problem is few objects (0BUS_AREA, 0CHRT_ACCTS,...) are in Inactive Version in Developement.

When i am trying to activate,it says the message below

Characteristic 0BUS_AREA: Cannot switch off InfoProvider property

Message no. R7B289


The characteristic receives master data from other objects (for example, transformations or update rules). Therefore it is necessary to select the characteristic as an InfoProvider.


If you want to deselect the Characteristic Is InfoProvider indicator, delete the corresponding objects in the data flow.

But i deleted the data in related data targets.

but still i am getting same problem.

Please let me know any where can we do some settings related to deselect the Char as info provider.

Waiting for reply...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jo,

In your infooject definition, on the Master data/texts tab, in the field Infoarea just under the checkbox "Characer is infoprovider" enter an infoarea. (eg. FI-IO for your examples). After entering, the checkbox will be flagged.

Now try activating it again.

Best Regards,


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Hi Pieter,

My problem has solved. Thanks for the quick reply pieter.



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