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Character limit of a datasource field for SAP BW 7.5

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Hello everybody,

In the source system i have a field with type character and length is 16000. Does anyone know the limit for BW data extraktor field limit?

I need all the info in that field in BW 7.5 system,

Can PSA hold the whole data in the field in one field?

Thank you for the returns in advance.

Viele Grüße


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Eddy,

I did not check for the PSA in my system, but in for PSA says:


The number of fields is limited to a maximum of 255 when using TRFCs to transfer data. The length of the data record is limited to 1962 bytes when you use TRFCs.

link is here: Persistent Staging Area - Modeling - SAP Library

Meanwhile if you manage to get data somehow, you will face issues in infoobject level:

I have checked our Bw on HANA 7.5 system, unfortunately it seems not possible, even if you create an characteristics with XL text attribute, limit is 1333, here is the screenshots:

I have created the new characteristics and clicked long text and long text XL, then double click the text table : /BIC/TZCHAR02, result is shown below.



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