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Changing Views in Tabstrip through Buttons

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Dear all,

I have made tabstrip through which views are changing and these views are in different local development projects and I am using these through the concept of Used WebDynpro Component .Now I have given two buttons Next and previous in the main view through which I want to change these used views.

Please provide me some code.Its urgently needed.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Manish,

1) Create a Context Attribute "<b>TabStripSelected</b>" of type String

2) Bind "TabStripSelected" to the <b>SelectedTab</b> property of TabStripUIElement

2)a) Name the Tab1's id property as "one" [it accepts only String]

2)b) Name the Tab2's id property as "two"

3) Create a Button

4)onActionClick of that button add the following line of code.


Best Regards


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Hi Chaitanya,

Thanks for quick reply.

Through this code, we can change just only one view because through set<contextAttribute>("two") we can get only one view after clicking on button. So what I have done that I have used "if" loop.

if(wdContext.currentContextElement.get<contextattribute>=="Tab Id")


wdContext.currentContextElement.set<contextAttribute>="Next TabId"


But for the "Next" Button as the application start if I choose Next Button it is not working. For the working of this Button we have first click on any Tab then its work.

Please provide me any code so that "Next" Button works as the application start.

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Initially in the init set this context attribute to the id of the first tab.

when you click on the next button , in the action handler change this to the id of the second.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Manish,

Create context attribute of String type. And bind this to <b>selectedTab</b> property of TabStrip. In the button event handler set the desired tab ID(You can find this in tab properties.This is case sensitive) to the context attribute.