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Changing View of Data within a BPS Session

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Good Morning

We have a requirement to view data in a BPS session in two different ways, Absolute and Percentage.

With the higher level of the product hierarchy being the total of the lower levels, we can show these totals currently as an absolute value:

5000 Product Hierarchy Level 1

2500 Product Hierarchy Level 2




But there is a need to also show and update values as a percentage, the equivalent might be:

100 Product Hierarchy Level 1

50 Product Hierarchy Level 2




We think we might have potential solution, but are wondering if anyone has attempted this and/or is possible.

The idea is to create a mirror planning layout and copy the cata from Layout 1 (Absolute View) to Layout 2 (Percentage View) by using a planning copy function and a FOX formula within a sequence to calculate the values.

Once values on the percentage view have been updated, the plan is to reverse the process - ie. copy Layout 2 to Layout 1 via a FOX formula.

The question here is...Does this sound possible?

As always, thanks in advance.


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Hi Andrew,

if I understand it right, you also want to change the normalized values (percentages).

If not, then all you would need is a BW query where normalizing values is standard functionality.

I would create two key figures, one for the original values and one for the percentages. You can have both in the same layout and then two FOX formulas to convert back and forth between them.



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Hi Andrew,

If you only need to see the % and not use it in calculations, I would suggest that you do it in BEx reporting. If you need it for further calculations, then Marc's suggestion for the 2 variables, 1 for value and the other for percentage is useful and you calculate and store the values. The danger of this approach is that if the user has not executed the function to recalc, you may have more or less than 100% if the data has changed...