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Changing User's Database Credentials using REST (SBO x4.2 CMC).

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I've been working on an application that receives SOAP calls from an Access Manager external app and translate them into REST calls into the BO CMC endpoint for doing basic user and access managing.

I've been searching for a solution to update the user's Database UserName and Database Credentials through REST calls but found no way of doing it.

When using GET calls to receive user information I will get no mention to it in the listed attributes but I could found the way to read it using a cmc query :

<attrs xlns="">

<attr name="query" type="string"> select * from CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS where si_id ='(user_id)' </attr>


Between the returned attributes I got:

<attr name="SI_DATA" type="string">


<attr name="DBUSER" type="string"> TestDBUser </attr>



Tried adding this attribute when doing a PUT call for updating but it seems to be ignored

<link href="http://(server_address)/biprws/v1/users/(user_id)" rel="alternate"/>

<entry xmlns="">

<content type="application/xml">

<attrs xmlns="">

<attr name="cuid" type="string">Aa5kYv3MwCxDpeZkFRDLhSQ</attr>

<attr name="forcepasswordchange" type="bool">false</attr>


<attr name="SI_DATA" type="string"> <attrs>

<attr name="DBUSER" type="string">Teste_bduser</attr>

</attrs></attr> </attrs> </content> </entry>

The other attributes will be updated but the DBUSER will not be updated (and won't show up in the response) .

Is there any way of doing this (updating both the DBUSER and the DBPassword) using REST calls?

Or the only way of doing this is using the SDK?

Thank you.

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I have fixed your tag, please select more careful next time.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ines,

I assume you are trying to update the logon for a Crystal Report. This cannot be done using the REST APIs but it can be achieved using the .NET or Java SDK.

You need to retrieve a Desktop.Report object and get its DatabaseLogons collection.The userID/Password can be changed and then committed back to the CMS database. Optionally you can use CustomDatabaseLogons and change both the Database driver and credentials.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thank you for your answer.

I will try to do it using the Java SDK then.