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Changing the mount point and device path for a master device in a Virtual environment

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What is the best process to change the device, mount point and path for a master (database) device on a virtual environment.

Sybase 15.7, Linux 7 virtual environment.

There was a method that had been used before due to issues with the device, but need the best possible process.

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What is the method that you know of?

I don't know what is needed in terms of OS mount points.

On ASE itself, I think the process would be
a) dump the master database to facilitate recovery if mistakes are made.
b) If the master device is mirrored, break the mirror (to eliminate internal references of the physical mirror device name)
c) sp_configure "allow updates", 1
d) update the physname column value in sysdevices for the master device
e) shutdown ASE
f) update the -d parameter (master device) in the RUN_SERVER file to the new master device.
g) if master had been mirrored, update the -r parameter (mirror device) to the new mirror location
h) reboot ASE
I) If master had been mirrored, remirror it.
j) sp_configure "allow updates", 0
k) dump the master database as you have made some major changes.