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Changing the link to a new text file to open word

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I am using EP5 SP5 with KM installed on it.

i want to change the link of new text file to open word for editing a new file and not the option that i have now which open an html document.

does someone have any idea on how to this or if is it even possible.


Asher Benbenisty

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Asher,

I hope I got your question right:

This feature is planned for delivery in the course of ramp-up for SAP NetWeaver '04 (which includes an EP6.0 on Web AS 6.40). Then, the so-called template service let's you specify DOCs (or other file types) that should open when you choose 'New...' from the KM context menu.

It is not yet decided whether this feature will also be offered for EP6.0 on Web AS 6.20.



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