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Changing tabs dynamically

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to change my tabs dynamically inside my view for different scenarios.For this, i have binded selectedTab property of tabstrip to some context attribute and then i am setting this attribute with Id's of my tabs depending upon the scenario.But this is not working and always first tab is shown by default.I tried to debug the value af the attribute and it is getting set by different Id's.Can anyone help me in this regard.This is very urgent.

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Amit Bagati

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Answers (3)

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Hi Amit,

In which method you have set the value to tab strip context attribute. Also make sure you have passed IDs in all caps to the context attribute.

With Regards,


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hi amit this is what you must be following......

for testing purpose, initially in the wddoinit method provide the second or any other tab id ( in capital letters ) to the context and check what happens.

if it works fine then your logic is differing in some place that by default the tab1 id is sent to the context.


alex b justin

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In the modifyview method, get the reference of the tabstrip element using view->get_element( ) and call the method set_selected_tab. The selected tab name should be taken from your context attribute.