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Changing Secure Store password without using config tool?

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Hi all,

I hava a following problem:

I migrated ABAP instance from one server to another just by copying the db files and binaries.

After that I was able to start the ABAP instance with no major problems.

The ABAP instance has a JAVA Add-in however.

Obviously, because of a Secure Store issues JAVA instance is not stating up - the passwords are not working any more.

The usual way to change the password is to use a config tool - but in that case I cannot launch the config tool since it does not connect to the db, cause the passwords wrong I'm back into the begining

So my question is:

Is there a way to change a password without using the config tool?

Or am I doomed to export - import routine?

Any help would be very welcome.



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I had the problem that configtool closed after giving message "Unable to connect to DB".

Downloading last configtool solved this issue, giving full access to secure store for editing.

Solving the initial problem took less time than finding this thread...


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Hi Rama,

As I wrote before, the problem was with launching a configtool, and as I said earlier I found a very easy way to solve the issue, much less complicated than your proposal.

Don't know about your solution - you are trying to help with something that was solved long time ago



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Problem solved.

Thanks for your respoonses - nevertheless - you kept giving me solutions wich involved launching the Config Tool - and as I said in the beginnig my problem was that I was not able to lauch it. So your ideas were not working in my case.

Anyway, I've found a solution on how to migrate the java stack just by copying the contents of /usr/sap/<SID> and /sapmnt/<SID>/ and not using the export - import procedure within a sapinst tool.

My soultion involved copying $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security (for AIX that would be /usr/java14_64/jre/lib/security, for linux /opt/IBMJava2-amd64-142/jre/lib/security) contents to the new server. After that all I did was seting the password of sap<sid>db os user to the one we had on the source machine. And voila! everythings working fine right now.

Thanks for your responses and have a great weekend.


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The steps detailed by Blanca were right, you should use configtool to update the secure store information for your Java add-on (or configtool) to connect to your database (in this case DB2). Secure store is editable with configtool, even if it dose not connect to DB, if configtool just closes after giving message "Unable to connect to DB" please get the latest version of configtool from service market place as below

1. Back up the contents of the configtool directory

2. Download CORETOOLS<latest SP release of your j2ee engine version>.SCA from the marketplace


2. Software Downloads

3. Support Packages and Patches

4. Then browse to your SAP Netweaver J2ee version

5. J2ee Engine Core Tools

3. Extract from this SCA (using a zip/rar tool), the configtool.sda file

4. Extract the contents of this configtool.sda (using a zip/rar tool)

5. Copy or FTP(in UNIX) the extracted files into your /usr/sap/<SID>/D<instance>/j2ee/configtool folder on UNIX

5. Now you will be able to run the new configtool and edit the secure store from this directory (even after getting DB connection error)

DB2 database uses the OS userID's, make sure user "SAP<SID>DB" exists at your operating system level and you are able to login to OS using this user and also that you are able to connect to your DB2 database. Update the same password in secure store using configtool.

With best Regards,


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I undersatand it was long time ago, may be you still remember - have you changed the server name or just made copy on a server with the same name?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello K,

As you said the problem comes because you have some issues with the secure store, can you please check the and be sure the file is correct.

Please, try to re-encrypt the data in order to generate a new SecStore Key and check if after that you can enter configtool woth option "no" as proposed in my later answer.


Thanks and regards,


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As your java stack will be connected to your abap stack client as specified by you. Just maintain the same pwd for j2ee_admin in your abap stack same as you were using before. This should avoid you adding the pwd in the secure store.



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Hello K.,

I would do the following:

1) verify directly to the database that you have a valid user and password. The user used by J2EE Engine to connect to the database is SAP<SID>DB.

2) After you validate the user and password directly in database, configure it in ConfigTool following the steps below:

- Open ConfigTool

- A pop-up will appear asking if you want to use the default DB settings

- Click on "Yes"

- You will receive an error message that you can't connect to the


- Click on "Ok"

- In you left side, you will see "secure store". Click on it.

- Then in your right side, you will see the settings of database connection

- Change the password of user SAP<SID>DB in the parameter dbc/pool/<SID>/Password

- Apply the changes pressing the save button

- Restart the entire J2EE Engine

About how to change the password in the database, please read the note


562863 FAQ: Logon mechanisms

About how to unlock an user in the database, please read the note below:

951167 ORA-28000: the account is locked

I hope this helps you.



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Hi Blanca,

Thanks for your answer.

The trick is however that I cannot launch the config tool and of course I can attach to a database via SAP<SID>DB user.

The DB used here is DB2 by the way - I forgot to mention that in the first post.