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Changing InfoObject to enable document attribute of a characteristic

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We have a need to change existing infoObject. Currently it's not document attribute and we need to enable "Characteristic is document attribute" in infoobject maintenance.

But, the characteristic that we are trying to change is used all over (around 10 cubes[including basic cubes as well as BPS planning cubes], 5 ODS, MultiCubes etc..) and all these are in production. The same infoobject is being used at many places in planning levels, packages, functions etc..

This requirement is only in BPS planning. we wanted to add a document to each value of this characteristic in the manual planning layout cell.

What steps do i need to follow before and after changing object?

Does changing miscellaneous property of a characteristic

1.inactivates update rules of a basic cube?

2.inactivates master data tables?

3.have any impact on planning cubes?

4.need to re-align / change planning levels,functions,packages SEM BPS

5. How to deal with infosources, data sources, queries, reports that use this characteristic

I appreciate sharing your experiences or any suggestions.

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The activation has no effect's to

- update rules,

- master data tables,

- infosources or

- queries, reports.

Only ExportSources of the infoobject will be new generated. Then you must be replicate and activate the transferstructur and the transfer rule.