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Changing From Full to delta load

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Could someone please help with this

i have used a Functional Module to extract data from R/3

i have created a new InfoCube and did a full load and everything is fine

There is NO ODS involved

i now want to change data loads from FULL to DELTAs

Can i do this without using an ODS and RECORDMODE - if so, how?



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HI Pushpa,

For generic DS we need to maintain the generic delta. We can define in three ways.


2.Numeric Pinter


If we go for calday then there should a field (0calday). Which holds both created and changed the date of the record. We have 1 drawback in this we can only run the load only at the end of the day.

Numeric Pointer will only fetches the changed records.

Most of the time we preffer we go for timestamp.

U will get these option in RSo2 in R/3


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Hello Pushpa

1. After full load you can do delta for cube not for ODS. To do a delta after full in ODS you need to mark the full load as repair as full request.

So in your case it is possible

The only thing you have to do it to identify the delta

you may have numeric document no.

You may have date 0calday....

Define them in R/3 data source maintenance for delta and extract data


Tripple k

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Hi Pushpa,

Few options as i see.

1. If you have a date field or numeric pointer in the underlying table which can be used as a delta enabled, you can have that field as the pointer and enable deltas.

2. If it is a custom function module, you can handle the delta capabilities there.

3. If there is any date field in your infopackage selection and you have 0CALDAY/0CALMONTH mapped in your transfer rules, you can go for a pseudo delta based on the OLAP Variable 0CALDAY or 0CALMONTH.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards

Subray Hegde