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Changes are not updated in Vistex BSP application

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Hi Friends,

Iam working on VIstex BSP Applications. I have a problem with data update.

I create a new Agreement Request using existing Agreement in BSP. In the Agreement Request I have different Rules and each Rule has some records in it. When I click on Save, initially all the records are alloted a temporary variable $$000000XX (XX is some number). After Save, from the Number Range object, these records are alloted permanent numbers. Up to here it works fine. When I go to any of the Rules tab and add a new record to that then this record is not saved properly. I mean when i go to the ECC (backend), it shows the newly added record, but when i click on the same tab again in BSP i could see in debugging, that

the record still has a temporary number to it. So it always inserts a duplicate record in ECC.

The issue is after i add a new record in BSP, Save the Agreement Request and come out of the transaction, then it saves properly. But when i add the record, Save and go the same tab again and change something to the newly added record, it is creating duplicates. And this is because it is not saving the record properly.

Also if I just come out of the BSP page and load it again after clicking on save, the save is done properly and no duplicates are created if i modify the newly created record.

Any suggestions to solve the issue will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


Edited by: Narayana Raju Sampathirao on Oct 6, 2009 3:02 AM

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Answers (3)

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Hi Narayana,

If its a BSP Session issue. How did you mitigated it?


Kripa Rangachari.

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This is a BSP session issue

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Looks It's a Refresh issue part of BSP