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Change windows title in Portal 60

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When we navigate page in porta1, We have page title in browser title for example "Portal Support Desk - Enterprise Portal 6.0 - Microsoft Internet Explorer".

In above, "Portal Support Desk" is a page title and "Enterprise Portal 6.0" is a portal title.

So, I thihk portal has "Page Title - Portal Title" pattern.

Is there any way to change this pattern ?

Actually, We want to change this to "Portal Title - Page Title" .

Regards, Arnold.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Arnold

do the following in portal

system administration -> system configuration ->under detailed configuration choose service configuration

under portal runtime -> central configuration double click to open it

find out following portal.html.head.title

change the value SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 to ur value.

save ur changes. ( save button is below at end of page)

restart the J2EE server.



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Hi everyone.

Thanks for reply but my question is not how to change windows title.

I already know how to change portal window title.

My question is how to change title sequence.

For exmaple, SAP has "Page title - Portal Title" as default but I want to change it to "Portal Title - Page title".

Any indeas ?

Regards, Arnold.

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