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Change windows domain server (maintain local installation) SAP PI 7.1

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Hi friends, one of our customer need to move the SAP PI 7.1 server from one windows domain to other. The installation of the PI system was local (local users). The domain move is only a host level, the user accounts still will be local in the new domain.

The SAP Note 1233320 says that SAP only supports homogenous system copy to change domain, but in our case the installation is local, but only the domain of the host is going to change.

I think if we change the profile parameters, the exchange profile parametrs and the NWA parameters, there won´t be any issue.

What do you think?

Thanks and best regards.

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Have you checked the note .

I think you would have already gown through the below blog .

But you need to be clear that your PI is ABAP+JAVA so i would suggest you to see below comments .

Customer wants to change the hostname of a machine on which j2ee engine has already been installed. One wants to change the hostname of a j2ee engine instance to a virtual hostname to enable support for a High Availability (HA) environment.

To rename the hostname for SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.0 and higher versions, perform the system rename procedure using the software provisioning manager 1.0 as described in the System Rename guide available at: -> Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 -> Documentation -> Software Provisioning Manager.

757692 - Changing the hostname for J2EE Engine 6.40/7.0 installation

8307 - Changing host name on R/3 host: What do you do?


RishI Abrol

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Thanks Rishi. The blog was very helpfull. I will try and i will back to tell you how was it going!.

Thanks and best regards.